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Giorgio Di Salvo


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Stealth is a hi-tech pit stop in an endless bardo tunnel.
Dazed and wrecked we stumble through the auto- matic sliding glass doors and out into the night.
Below the highway’s curling overpass of khaki-grey con- crete, the night is liquid black, and humid,
Waxy leaves of what appear to be lemon trees seem blood pur- ple,
not green and the overly bright street lights hum on the periphery of our vision.
My companion turns to me. “It is a time for inner city mediators.
Time for the Victorious Ones to get their hands dirty in the myriad hell and hungry-ghost worlds of the planet.
Time for bhikkus and bhikkunis to understand the addictions of television and the comforts of the corporate state.
Time for spiritual warriors to taste the toxic garbage of a collapsing ecology, if there is to be any more ‘time’.” She says.
I nod. My mind is too cluttered, though. Too ignorant and conceptual. My heart is too full of unassimilated closures and weird obscurations.
I’m still a road junkie out looking for sensations. I can look, I can get thrilled,
I can get high reflecting when I’m back in the hotel room with the lights off and fan spinning
– I think to myself – but can I just endlessly be? — Lodovico Pignatti Morano


Transparency, in terms of a characteristic of a body that lacks partially or totally in refracting light and knocking through the look is often associated with concepts such as clarity,
lightness, purity, honesty. “He is a transparent person” is often used to say, to indicate that the person in question does not tell lies or someone who is absolute good faith.
And ‘current expression that describes well as transparency is perceived and used widely on the metaphorical level.
It’s a current expression that well describes how transparency is perceived and widely used on the metaphorical level.
Surpassing this sphere which is entirely linked to positive elements, bypassing this association with a semantic world of chaste purity,
we could also argue that the return of the typical baggage of transparency, clear, prominent, and no shades or opacity, makes everything tremendously boring.
It somewhat deprives us of any possible visual complexity and therefore the consequent fascination that can arise from it. On the other side, however, total darkness,
has such a density that it loses all possible distinctions between real objects, it would make life rather difficult and lacking in surprises and charm.
Therefore it is necessary to find a key that can establish a balance between these two poles, the visual and human level.
A territory which is able to provide sensitive synthesis to this research is undoubtedly the culinary experience,
which in addition to taste and smell involves largely view and, above all, it’s the site rappresentative of one of the most complex dishes, intriguing and articulated creation:
i nervetti. I nervìtt (the terminology used in the milanese dialect) are a perfect metaphor of the shadings of life,
a constant balance between transparency and opacity: vigorous tendons in origin, become malleable matter and absolute tenderness once it has been boiled.
In nature, when they are distinct from one another in the beef shank, they mingle and blend into each other,
becoming an unicum example from the marble stripes once they are cooled down.
A block that can be carved with personal touch and the form will always be authentic, since our hand is unable to make an entirely serial matter.
The color, the apparent relationship between full and empty is chosen by the case, an irresistible process, and can be generated and only approached with dedication and patience.
Different ways to enjoy: with vinegar, oil, salt and parsley. With red onion or celery and carrots.
With a few drops of soy sauce and onions as they would in China or Japan. Also in this case the variables are almost endless,
what really makes the difference is the service temperature. The nerves are not to be served too cold, directly from the refrigerator, nor too hot,
because they will lose their consistency and shape. The correct temperature instead allows it to be captured in their totality, appreciating the taste and tone,
he toughest parts and the most rarefied, the most pungent and the sweetest ingredients. A traditional and originally poor dish,
but also intended to be understood by refined palates and by the most curious minds who transforms into a luxurious dish.
A complex set of elements, however, distinguishable one from the other and appreciated one by one like the plot of more stories within the same novel on love and adventure.
Finally, a tip: prepare and consume the nerves with someone you trust, a friend or a lover able to share with you incentives and effusions from the plate,
someone with whom you can indulge in bizarre associations, romantic visions and lysergics post atomic,
reflect yourselves in the gleam of nervìtt and discover within them the unexplored worlds. — Davide Giannella

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